Dana Daniels

The Funnyside of Magic




No Acts, No Show, No Problem!

Award winning comedian magician Dana Daniels, portraying a somewhat clueless theatre janitor who is drafted into the show to cover for the missing performers.

Audiences will be delighted as Dana brings to the stage his hilariously funny production of,

"the NO show!"

As pianist and Master of Ceremonies, Richard Allen, starts the show off with a rip roaring rag

time tune, Dana anxiously informs Richard that none of the acts have shown up. In a

desperate need to "save the show", Richard implores Dana to perform all the acts.

First up, "Waldo the Magnificent", a very funny magic act where every trick goes awry. Next

up is, "Francois the French Juggler" who can juggle a bowling ball with just about anything

borrowed from the audience while being infectiously obnoxious. To close the show, Richard

introduces an act held over from the holidays -"The Singing Partridge in a Pear Tree."

Instead, Dana brings out "Luigi the Psychic Parrot in a Banana Tree". From here, Dana sets

out to prove that his little green friend is truly clairvoyant. 

Dana Daniels brings to the stage years of performing skill encompassing magic, juggling and

improvisation wrapped up with impeccable comic timing. Don't miss your opportunity to

see this exceptionally side splitting show where none of the acts show up!