Dana Daniels

The Funnyside of Magic


Dana Daniels is by far, the most consistently funny comedy magician I’ve ever seen. Dana is a total pro - his material is flawless, as is his magic and everyone goes out both amazed and aching with laughs.
— Jason Alexander - Actor



 "Hear What National RadioTalk Show Host Bill Handle Has To Say After Seeing Dana Daniels Perform" 

A meeting planers dream. Very funny and easy to work with.
— Mark Genis, McDonalds Corp.

Dana pays his bills on time
— Edison Electric Company

Thank you for giving us such a memorable evening and making me look so good for booking you.
— Jamie Priestley, AirFlite Corp.

Very funny and we appreciate the way you customized your presentation to target the audience at hand.
— Steve Metz, Burrell Professional Labs, Inc

You delivered our key motivational message in perfect form.
Following your presentation the evening’s “Buzz” was all about you. Beside a terrific laugh and good time, many people said they greatly appreciated the fact that your humor is clean.
— Patti Londre, Dole Fresh Vegetables

Wow, what a spectacular performance!
The comments from our guest at the Western Association of Food Chains party have been excellent.
— Michele Marasca, Frito-Lay

As we do after each of our conferences, we have compiled the evaluation scores for each of our presenters and entertainers. Your overall score was 4.52 out of a possible 5.00.
— Wisti Rosenthal, Idaho Bankers Association

The staff was in hysterics. One person reported laughing so hard that he cried and my boss said she laughed so hard her side hurt.
— Rose Dodge, Kaiser Permanente

In many respects this event was one of our best efforts and you really put an exclamation point on the final evening.
— Glen Rex, Mechanical Contractors Association of Texas, Inc.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard
— Morgan Freeman, Actor

Your show was not only hilarious but it was also an event planner’s dream to organize.
I truly appreciated the flexibility you extended us.
— Danielle Cote, Sage Software